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  • My Midlife Weight Loss: Dos over Don'ts

    It's a new week and I'm still on this journey.  I posted something on Instagram this weekend about clothes and your physique.  After I posted it, I thought it may offend some people...

    (Outfit links included)

  • My Midlife Weight Loss: Mindset

    Why am I writing this?  I thought long and hard about sharing these posts and, for now, have decided to.  I may delete them all in one fell swoop one day, but I want to document this journey that is still in its early stages.  Every day there...

  • If You Only Get One New Thing this Spring, Let it Be...

    A striped button down.  They are so crisp and fun and very "in" right now.  They are easy to find at any price point, including...

  • Local Designer: Crosby • Wear Sunshine

    I love to shop local. It is so fun to shop with your neighbors or with locals where you are visiting. It just gives the experience an entirely different feel. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet, Mollie Burch,  the designer at Crosby. She was just as bright as her designs.

  • January Favorites Recap

    We had some fun enjoying winter fashion while looking toward spring.  Take a look at all our January favorites in one spot...

  • Sandals I Never Thought I’d Love Until…

    Birkenstocks have been around as long as I can remember and, not only did I not want a pair, I thought they were so ugly. I would never have dreamed I’d own a pair, much less 5 pairs! But, nor did I know they would make the tweak that changed everything for me.


  • Denim on Denim Done Right: The Perfect Shirt

    I love a good denim on denim look.  It's pretty easy to find great jeans.  We all have our favorite, go-to brands and styles.  The challenge of this look comes in finding the perfect denim shirt.  Well, today is your lucky day and because I have rounded up the best ones available now.

  • Statement Cardigans

    I have decided that we all need fabulous statement cardigans to get through January and February and Farm Rio is the very best place to grab one. ...
  • Pixie Picks for January - Stripes, Veronica Beard, Denim Shirts, Yoga and Spring in Sight

    Stripes, Veronica Beard, Denim Shirts, Yoga and Spring in Sight could all be considered the theme of my January picks so far.  As the month creeps along - doesn't January always creep along, btw - we are getting closer to Spring and my mood is getting sunnier by the day.

    Here are my latest picks for January.

  • Stripes for Spring - great pieces for you to shop

    I am finding the most fun striped pieces for Spring.  Stripes are here big time and they bring a freshness of a new season with them.  Here is a master list of many, many great finds for you to shop.

  • Amazon Puffer Vests

    Grlasen Women's long Quilted Vest hooded sleeveless Button Down puff vest cotton padded jacket winter coat

    My Athleta Puffer Vest is no longer available, but I cannot begin to tell you how nice a longer length puffer vest is for cold weather walks and workouts in the South.  It is perfect for our winters, keeps you warm, but leaves your arms free to move during workouts.  I've had it for years and it is a winter workout MVP, warm daily.  I started seeing some on Amazon...

  • 30 Days of Yoga Outfits - Day 11

    I've been having fun starting the year with Find What Feels Good 30 Day Yoga Journey for the 4th year.  It's a fun little challenge and I never regret daily yoga.  To keep me accountable I've been posting a new yoga outfit everyday on our Instagram