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Yellowstone Itinerary - and Outfits - Taking Shape

Taking this Yellowstone itinerary one day at a time using so many great resources others have posted.  Can I just say a huge thank you to all you travel bloggers that painstakingly post every detail of your trip so people like me can whip together amazing itineraries.  What an age we live in!  I'm using several, but the most helpful one I've found is Where are Those Morgans 4-day, first-timers itinerary here.

We are staying at the North Entrance in an amazing VRBO home on 40+ acres.  There are horses on the property and the Yellowstone River runs past the house.  We are staying for 7 nights in that house plus a couple of nights in Bozeman so we are working in a couple of days just enjoying the house and river.  

Day 1 we'll get up early and head into the park to catch the Grand Loop Road down to Old Faithful and work our way back up catching the Grand Prismatic Spring, for sure, and several geysers.  Since that will be a day of driving, we'll head back to the house and hope to see some wildlife and scenery for our first day. We'll end with some fabulous meal at our house.  

The temps will be spring-like and cool so my plan is layers.  I'm bringing lightweight skirts and tees with sweatshirts (one of which I hope to purchase in Montana) and maybe even the newest Pixie shorts if they are finished before my trip.

I'm not packing any hats because we are flying and I'm counting on finding the world's coolest hat in Montana to wear while there and then bring home.

So, day 1 is planned... 7 more to go...


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