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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Before and After

We are committed to shopping small, local and American made this holiday season.  That includes where we eat, get our tree and all our gifts.  In our previous posts we've shared how this has been giving us the best gift of all - spending with our neighbors, talking with store owners, supporting our community.  It's been such a spirit lifter after a crazy year.  

These two pictures tell a "before" and "after" on Small Business Saturday this past weekend.  We left the house with a goal of getting a few gifts in our local shopping district.  We scored big time and even had the best lunch sitting on a patio with the city bustling around us. And, to top it off, we grabbed charcuterie fixins (Can you use "charcuterie" and "fixins" in the same sentence?  Feels wrong...) for the evening.  Such a great day and it was all spent in and on our local community.  

Bonus - I came home to Pixie orders to deliver locally, too.  What goes around comes around, apparently.  

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