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What to Wear on the Hottest Night of the Year

Last weekend, we enjoyed our first-ever Matilda's experience and it was so fun. We grabbed some fun friends, ordered charcuterie, brought citronella candles and other table decor and set up for the most fun evening.  I've always wanted to attend a concert there and finally did. But, wow, was it hot!  It was quite possibly the hottest, stickiest night of the entire year.  The air was not moving at all.  Even the heat from the candle was almost unbearable.  Now, that is hot.  Thankfully, I was wearing my white Milton dress.  It is lightweight cotton chambray in a flowy cut and anything more would have been just too much.  I added a light festival scarf for a little bit of fun without any heat and it ended up being the perfect touch.

Morale of the story is that the Milton Dress is perfect for those Hot August Nights.  

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