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What I Wore on College Tours

Goal:  Looks motherly, but not matronly.  Ha! And, blend in, but in an elevated way.  

Really, I didn't overthink this, but did think it could be a fun post.  What to wear on college tours.  This trip was about the aspiring college student and I just wanted to be available and kinda blend into the background until needed.  Also, it was about 1,000 degrees so I was really more concerned about my comfort than my style.  Sometimes I forget how old I am and dress a little under my age.  I would be pretty embarrassed if I was dressed like college students so I did give that a moment's thought.  And, I quickly realized, that I do not walk around in biker shorts and sports bras so I was good.

The first day I wore this Amazon Dress which was so, so cute.  And, for only $30, I let the fact that it had no pockets slide, but I realized about 5 minutes into the tour that pockets are a must on a college tour.  This would be a great dress for church, any school event and even a Game Day look.  

On day 2 I wore a Milton Dress.  It beat the heat like it was designed to do and, even better, it had pockets.  My phone was in and out of that pocket so much I don't know how I survived without pockets the day before.  The gingham I wore was on-trend, but not trendy.  I love gingham as an elevated, casual neutral, perfect for the activity.  There is exactly ONE left and it can be seen here.  See more colors and availability here.

I found a few other pieces that would work great for college tours and they are linked below.  Happy hunting!


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