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Wait til You See how I Wore this Mumu Dress

One of the most fun gains from learning to sew is that it has given me options.  When I see how garments are constructed, it gives me new ideas or chances to take a few risks.  For example, the difference between a sundress and a skirt is not that big.  Especially in the case of the Angel Mini Dress from Show Me Your Mumu.  I just loved this "spicy tomato" print when I saw it - and I loved the style of dress, but I new it was going to be too short for most things.  

I could wear it as a cover-up or at the beach, but not so much in my everyday life.  I decided to grab it anyway and use it when I could.  When I received it, an idea hit me - wear it as a skirt for everyday.  So, that's what I did and I loved every minute of it.  It is so fun and I'm so glad I got it.  It also gave me the idea to make a similar dress, but in a longer version for around town.  I've already finished it and I love it.  I'll share a few pictures soon.  

It has also given me the idea of designing a dress/skirt that would give us options - wear as a dress or a skirt or a cover-up.  One piece with lots of choices.  Always a win in my book.  

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