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14 Days of Valentine’s Day Ideas - #3 - Tennis L🎾VEr

Do you have a tennis lover in your life?  Then, how easy for you!  Tennis lovers always need a couple of things and always welcome others.  You can spend anywhere from $3 to $3,000 depending on how you "do" Valentine's in your house.  

Here is a list to mix and match to make a great tennis lovers gift.


Can of balls or, better yet, case of balls.  It's so great to have lots of cans of ball to grab and go before matches.  Nothing is worse than having to track down a can of balls when you are running to a match.  


Sunblock!  At the Pixie She Shed, we have sprays and sticks, both so great for the tennis lover.  These are great to toss in a tennis bag to be used all season long.


Protein Bars. Tennis players love to have a few energizing snacks to toss in their tennis bags for those longer matches.  Protein bars are a thoughtful addition to your tennis gift.


New outfit.  We recommend a great outfit from the Pixie She Shed.  In the cooler months of February and March, our "TENNIS" sweaters are a special treat and something great to gift.  There is a green one, too.

Also, we have skirts in gingham and green to make an outfit.

Lululemon is a popular brand for tennis skirts, too.  


Great sunglasses.  Polarized, athletic sunglasses are a hit with tennis players, too.  Here is a great maui jim pair that stay on nicely. 

I'll probably be adding to this list as I think of things so check back. For now, I think we have a great list to get you started. Now, go be a hero!

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