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Thirsty Thursday - Bucking Good Coffee and Where to Get It

One of the most fun parts of our entrepreneurial lives is our weekly meeting.  I know, so nerdy.  In a previous attempt at my own business, I wrote sales team meeting agendas and sold them as a weekly subscription service so I guess I really do like meetings.  But... and it's a big but... only if they help you accomplish things.  Only meetings that are actually a good use of time are the ones I enjoy.  I had the privilege of working for Franklin Covey and studying their time management, sales training and the Four Disciplines of Execution.  Life changing to say the least.  

Back to the Pixie meetings.  Pat and I make it a point to visit local coffee shops for these meetings as often as we can.  Being with other entrepreneurs and getting a change of scenery seem to really fuel productive meetings for us.  

For this week's meeting, we went to the new location of Whitetail Coffee Co in The Mill at Etowah.  We had a great cup of coffee and enjoyed sitting right outside their shop at a great table for our meeting.  If it hadn't been raining, we probably would've grabbed one of the many outside sitting options.  It's great that this Mill has plenty of both options.  We had a productive meeting, drank some bucking good coffee and enjoyed our time at the Mill.  Definitely stop in for a great cup of coffee and tons of atmosphere. 

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