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Top 5 Breakfast Stops on 30a + #madeitmonday

5 Favorite Breakfast Spots on 30a + #madeitmonday

I love to go to new places often. It’s been so fun to explore Boston, the coast of Maine and Anna Maria Island to name a few from past years. I’ve also learned to appreciate hitting the same spots again and again. Pat and I began visiting Seaside, FL about 19 years ago. Watercolor didn’t even exist at that time. Growing up in Central Florida I had never spent any time on the Panhandle so Seaside was a new, fun world. We kept going back again and again, but the next trips included kids. Those trips sure changed once the kids came along and we just kept finding new things we loved about our time there. We just got back again a few weeks ago. We did a quick weekend and played “locals” hitting several our favorite spots. 

One thing that’s never changed is how much we love having breakfast out on these get-always. Since I rarely eat breakfast in real life, it’s so fun to treat ourselves. 

First, though, Made it Monday. I made this fun clear bag and used a guitar strap for the strap. It’s been so fun to toss on with vacation clothes. I can easily find things and it stands up to sand, sun and water. 

Since I took this picture at a fave bfast stop, I’m sharing our Top 5 Breakfast Spots on 30a, not necessarily in order.

(5) A new fave and has become our last stop on the way out of town each visit is Black Bear Bread Co. Their coffee is just the thing to kick off a road trip home. The kids love their food, too. My Made it Monday pictured here is from our stop for BB Coffee.

(4) Crepe de Soleil in Seaside. A newer favorite, but everything we’ve tried has been amazing. And, what a fun place to eat breakfast.

(3) Modica Market’s Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissants, warmed up, of course, are a long time favorite and a must-have every time we’re in town.

 (2) My current fave is Cowgirl Kitchen’s Big Bill’s Breakfast Burrito add avocado. That has been my first breakfast stop these last few trips. Also, praline bacon is a treat we all share.

 (1) Nothing will ever top The Donut Hole for us. Its not on 30a, but close enough. We tried it the first time, the older one, maybe the original (not sure) when Grant was a baby. It’s the first place he had grits and eggs, I remember. The coffee tastes so good out of The Donut Hole mugs and the breakfast staples of eggs, grits, bacon in this fun diner atmosphere. It’s just a very happy place for us. 

What would you add to this list?

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