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The Season that Lasts Only 3 Weeks - Don't Miss Out!

This is the season I shop for each year.  It's the season between seasons, specifically summer-to-fall. 

I love short dresses and shorts romper with longer sleeves or heavier fabric, but their season is short.  It is often too hot or too cold for such styles, but I am always drawn to them.  Luckily, we live in north Georgia where we have a longer transitional season between summer and fall.  You just have to be quick to enjoy this season of fashion.  Here are a few faves and others I've found.  Click the pics for links.

I've ordered this one from Amazon and hope its as good as everyone says.  I may wear it everyday from the looks of it.  Tap picture for link.

Then, this pretty denim one from Anthro.  Denim dresses are always in style and denim-on-denim is big this fall, too.  Denim is often a bit hot in the summer so now is our chance.

Of course, I love the scarf with it.  Shop Festival Scarves here.
The pieces I am most looking forward to wearing in this short season are my Farm Rio rompers.  They are so fun.  I have a couple I've gotten on major sale off-season for just a time as this. Here's a fun one on sale now.
Another fun one here.


A favorite season is here and it's an easy one to miss.  Visit your closet and find the pieces that love 70 degrees and sunny because their time has come.  


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