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2 Reasons I Consider this Sunglasses Season

(Big sale on brand shown in picture.)

THIS is my Sunglasses Season. Much more so than summer, I find myself shopping sunglasses in Dec, Jan, Feb more than any other time of year.

2 Reasons:
#1 - It’s so bright everywhere you turn. No leaves on the trees, sun is lower in the sky, big blue slyly often. It’s so beautiful and bright.

#2 - Sometimes our outfits can get lost under all the layers, so sunglasses are a fun - and practical - way to accessorize and elevate a look. They keep a bundled up look chic.

Also, sunglasses are an ageless style piece. You can age yourself with the wrong sunglass choice. Keep this area of your wardrobe fresh and on-trend for leveling up for style at any age.

If you need any other excuse to add to your collection, just ask me. I’m a master!

And, BIG SALE! I’m wearing Diff Eyewear and their entire site is 50% off right now. I’ve linked my faves below

Wake Up 😎 Dress Up 😎 Show Up 😎

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