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City to Sea Game - Yardzee or Beachzee

 We are big fans of the great outdoors and that is why our clothes are designed with outdoor activities in mind.  We especially designed our Cover-Ups to get you out of your seat for a game or a seaside walk.  Nature's playground is the greatest place to play, by far.  Last Summer we were introduced to a favorite indoor game with an outdoor twist.  The game is Yardzee - an outdoor version of Yahtzee.  We got these wooden dice as a gift and have had so much fun with them. Ours were from Target, but I'm linking an Etsy page here because I love to buy from small businesses.  I purchased a digital download of a Yardzee scorecard here, too.  This game is so fun on a lakeside picnic, at the beach and at a tailgate.  We've used them at home, too.  

When we have younger players, we play a really simple game that everyone loves.  We make a big circle (about 5 feet in diameter) with a rope or sticks or whatever you can find.  We stand back about 20 feet (letting the smaller children stand closer).  Depending on how many are playing at once, you divide up the dice between the players.  For example, if we have 3 players, each person gets 2 dice.  Then, we take turns trying to throw our dice into the circle.  It's much harder than it seems.  The player with the highest score wins that round.  Their die only counts if it is in the circle and then you add the points, 1-6, based on what the die landed on. You can either pick a number, like 30, to play to and keep doing rounds until someone gets above 30, making them the winner or make each round it's own game, which works great with young children. Really, any game you can play with regular dice, you can make into an outdoor version with these fun wooden dice.  

So, here's to another excuse to get outside - and, of course, look great doing it.  Throw on your Pixie Seaside Cover-Up and get a game of Yardzee started.  Maybe we can call it BeachZee at the Beach!  Shop Pixie here.

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