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Style Idea: Pre-Stack Your Stacks

I got to chatting with a lovely lady in a store the other day and she was complimenting my "neck stack" as she called it.  She worked in a nice clothing store and said the store owner encouraged her to stack a few more necklaces on with the one she wore every day for sentimental reasons.  She wanted to do it -their store was full of fun ones - but didn't know "how" to do it.  It got me thinking...  

I kinda do this without realizing it.  I pre-stack my stacks.  There, now it has a name.  I have a few standard sets of necklaces I often wear.  One for if I'm wearing black, one for a brown day, one for a more colorful day, some for winter, some for warmer temps.  I probably even have set stacks for different necklines.  If you are a beginner stacker, maybe start with one grouping of necklaces you can wear together.  Keep them on a hook together and all you have to do it put them on each day.  This applies to a wrist or ankle stack, too.

Pre-stacking a stack is a style idea that can save us time and elevate the everyday.  Power Suit up with this idea.

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