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Shorts in Time for Spring Break - Plus a New Name!

Everyone’s favorite shorts are getting re-stocked this Spring. New colors will be here before Spring Break and they are getting a new name.  I had named them after the most beautiful beach in Maine, Sand Beach.  I loved that beach and will still name something after it.  I loved it because it was sweatshirt weather in the middle of Summer and that is a treat coming from the hot South in July.  I may name something cozier after that little piece of paradise soon. 

For now, we've changed the name of our shorts to the Driftwood Beach Shorts after the beach with that name on Jekyll Island.  I love to explore that cool beach in these shorts.  And, I love to see all the places you take them, too.  It's time to make some more for your 2020 adventures.  

The hardest thing for me is to narrow down all the great fabrics I find. After lots of work with the Nashville production team, we did finally pick our favorites and production starts today.  I just love wearing these shorts. Paired with sweatshirts, button downs and tanks, they are my Summer wardrobe. 

See our current selection HERE and make sure to check back and follow our social media @shoppixieco to stay in the know.

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