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Sightseeing Dress

And, just like that, it became a sightseeing dress! 🚎

We have taken this Historic Jekyll Tour twice now. It’s so fun and interesting. In Reese’s school, she does a ton of History. And, that means I do a ton of History cuz, homeschool. Well, I’ve always known this but history does keep repeating itself - pandemics, religious freedom fights, rise and fall, leaders liked and not liked... literally nothing happening now is new.

I’ve already voted. Republican straight down the ticket. I knew it before, but with each rise and fall of a nation throughout history, losing freedoms and big government is the beginning of the end. Joe Biden said “it will be a dark winter” (no thank you), he’ll make everyone wear masks and shut-down “when necessary”. They can always find experts on both sides to support what they want to do. He paints a gray, sad existence for Americans. Your leader may be in office with power to make people do what you think they should be doing. But, what happens when you’ve allowed your freedoms to be taken and the next leader makes you do things you don’t want to do. Not so great then. I believe we must limit the power of our government. I will always vote on the side of FREEDOM! For you and me. Also, I had a great, civil exchange with a mom friend before the 2016 election. She assumed I was for Hilary and we had a nice conversation, both sharing our thoughts and we stayed friends - dare say, even better friends after such a honest exchange. It’s ok to talk. If you are not in that camp and just get so angry when someone mentions Trump, please unfollow. I will not be offended. I’ve unfollowed lots of angry people in this season. We’re not a good match and I’m ok with that. 🇺🇸




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