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Pair with Pixie - Blazers from $100 - $1,000+

I couldn't be happier that blazers are so in right now.  I love blazers and have always had more than I need.  Maybe it's the little bit of my corporate life that I like to keep alive.  Now, I'm more of a jeans and a blazer type than a traditional suit, but one thing remains - my love of blazers.  Seeing them everywhere right now is so fun.  And...they are such a great pair with our Festival Scarves.  I recently purged some blazers so I am down to only 3! With so many great ones out there now, it shouldn't take me long to find a couple new ones that pass the 3-second test.  Here is a start for our shopping.  I've linked up a few very nice ones that have a matching price tag and I've also posted about 20 under $200, some even under $100.  Scroll down for the selection I've pulled. Then, grab a few Festival Scarves to match.

To see this selection of under $200 blazers, shop here.


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