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Pair with Pixie - Arrive in Style

Arriving in style is key to staring a great vacation.  Since often we are leaving a cooler climate to arrive in a warmer one, a cute jacket is #1 on the list.  Toss a Milton Dress on under the jacket and you are ready to enjoy the warmer temps as soon as you do arrive.

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On this list is also a travel blanket for the car or plane ride to keep you cozy until you do arrive in paradise.  A large, but not too large, tote for travel essentials.  Include a large water bottle to keep you hydrated while you travel.  And, since it's so early in the season, none of us have that savage tan yet so self-tanner is a must.  As the vacation progresses layer in a nice sunblock, too. Toss on a few key pieces of jewelry, great sneakers for the travel time and bring a hat to pop on as soon as you arrive.  

You are all set to arrive in style. 

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