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14 Days of Valentines - #7 - Pool Day

Who doesn't love a lazy day around the pool? Whether it's your own pool or a destination pool - or you inflate a pool, pack up a Pool Day Surprise for your sweetie.  Do not underestimate the fun of an inflatable pool, my friends.  They have such cool ones now (like this and this and, esp, this) they make for such a fun afternoon.  If you have the pool, an inflatable to lounge upon is the way to go.  Add a cute cooler, a picnic basket, some sunblock, the Stanley tumbler everyone must have, a hat, a skirt for the pool party, a great pair of sunglasses or all of the above.  A gift that will be a thrill to open and and even bigger thrill to enjoy all season long.  

If you are way beyond the inflatable pool, decorate her pool house instead.  I love this art for a pool house.

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