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Pattern Play

Things got a little crazy and I paired my gingham Sea Island Shirtdress with my plaid shacket for a cool morning - and I liked it! It felt very J. Crew of me. LOL I always have believed they are the pattern play masters. 

I’ll always just be a wannabe when compared to them, but it is fun to mix patterns and textures and even make a few missteps along the way. Our Festival Scarves are an easy way to start some pattern play adventures. We have new ones coming very soon, too, so keep checking back. 
And, not all pattern play you see around here is intentional. Mixing camo and madras was never a plan, but I was about to miss the sunrise and grabbed the closest thing I could find in the dark. This was the result. 

Not a great look, but totally worth it to see another one-of-a-kind sunrise. Pattern play options abound at Pixie. 

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