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Parents Weekend Style - We've Got Your Weekend Covered

Can you believe its that time of year again? Time to think about college weekends.  Sometimes I wake up and realize I'm in and heading into significant different stages of life.  Sometimes its shocking, but most of the time I feel ready.  My friends went from being snack moms to attending college parent weekends, in what seems like, overnight.  But, nevertheless, here we are. 

So, once you've sorted out meal plans, dorm decor, class schedules and all those other important things, it's time to think about what you'll wear to Parent's Weekend. 

When I designed our Milton Dress and our Sea Island Shirtdress, I saw it in so many settings. Both are just so perfect for so many things in life from daily running around town to vacations, church, brunches and - Parent's Weekends kept popping into my mind.  Our dress collections can be dressed up or down, layered or stand alone and come in great colors and neutrals.  They will give you a polished, grown-up and stylish look for any college weekend event a parent could possibly need.  Take a look here and enjoy college life, only this time, in the parent role.

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