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Pair with Pixie - Great White Tee

Do you have a favorite white tee?  If you do, please share!  I am a t-shirt girl.

I have tried every tee from $10 to $100, Amazon to Target to Saks, men's tees to undershirts.  I have come across some winners regularly, but I do not have a go-to white tee still.  The closest I've come to a go-to tee is this one and it comes in a million colors so whenever I need a basic, flattering tee, I go to this style.

I've rounded up a bunch for us.  I chose brands I like and assume they probably do a good tee.  I've included all price points and a few brands I don't know, but the tee looks promising.  Have fun browsing this elusive closet staple with me.

P.S.  I've also included the hat and shoes from the picture.  Shop the Seagrove Beach Skirt here.

Or buy it right here:



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