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I put this outfit together and then brought it to life for a day of work. See below for the IRL (in real life) photo (minus the fun hat that I do not own.). These shorts give lots of top options from several colors, including two faves this summer - pink and orange - to simple white or black. Everything seems to go with them. Yesterday, I went all color.

Shorts - Pixie | Button Down Shirt - Gap | Shoes - Alohas | Bangles - Becasa | Hat - Sunshine Tienda X Ashley Brooke

On InstaStories, I shared that I’d be posting some Pixie Picks which are things, brands or places I’m currently wearing, loving or visiting.

See below for closer-ups of my two Pixie Picks shown here - Becasa raffia bangles in pink (I also have them in green and they come in other colors, too). So great to pile on with summer looks.

Then, this fun shoe brand.  It looks like they make them to order so you order a couple of months in advance, which gets you 30% off.   Then, you wait.  But, I learned this week that it is worth the wait.  My Alohas arrived this week and they are fun and comfortable. Wore them all over town yesterday for photos and meetings and they were just as comfortable at the end of the day as when I started.  I love them.  I pre-ordered two pair and still waiting on the second.  I may need these in every color, but that's probably not realistic since they come in A LOT of colors and combos.  Too many to own!  Here's a link to their site so you can play around.

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