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Made it Lately

Sew, I have been sewing... a lot. 

This season of quarantine made me grateful for a fabric stash. I literally went through my entire stash. There was a week when I made something new everyday. 
Then, I started making

Face Masks and Non-Medical Face Wraps (Adventure Wraps). 

Most of what I made is for warmer weather so I haven’t even had the chance to wear any of the pieces, but I’m set for Summer!

I enjoy making things to wear, but a huge reason to sew is to learn. Learn what works, what fabrics get the desired look, what sleeve looks best, what is effortless and flattering. I never intend to sew our final garments. I’ll always leave that to the experts, but each time I make something I become a better designer. I learn something every single time. As I get to wear a few of the things I’ve been making I’ll share them here in Pixie Posts. 


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