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Coffee Tastes Better Poured by Locals - Fellows Cafe

Local coffee shops are one of the great joys in life.  Pat and I always to try new ones and, of course, frequent favorites for our weekly business meetings.  We run two small businesses and we always have plenty to cover.  Finding fun, local coffee shops really gets our creative juices flowing.  Often, we meet the owners by chance and, even just patronizing another entrepreneur, adds to the meeting.  We always leave inspired and motivated after these meetings.  

This week we remembered Fellows Cafe in Roswell and decided to visit.  We grabbed coffee there awhile ago when they had just barely opened and thought it was so fun.  Great decor, quite possibly the best patio around and friendly service.  

Today, I spotted a friend on the porch who just happened to be dining with one of the owners. It was fun to meet her and here a little about the cafe.  Fellows is located on Green Street, one street over from Canton Street and part of the downtown Roswell scene, for certain.  Another great option for breakfast, brunch and lunch in Roswell.  Also, if you are one of those people (like me), it is super Insta-Worthy.  I didn't get any pictures in the front or on the patio because it was a full house and I feel like an idiot posing for a picture in front of people.  

I thought it was a great spot to showcase the green 30004 hat.  I only have a few left in this crisp, vibrant Summer Green.  We are adding a new color in a few weeks.  Any guesses?  I will tell you that it will also coordinate with the top I'm wearing in these pictures.  

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