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It’s Strawberry Picking Season in the South - What to Wear

It's my favorite time of year. Strawberry Season! Every year we go and pick our fresh strawberries right out of the field. They are so tasty - and pretty. A bucket of strawberries is God on display. What a gift they are. And, the fresh strawberry ice cream you reward yourself with afterward… that’s worth any drive to a strawberry patch. My favorite farm retired from growing strawberries so we’ve been trying new ones for the past two years. This year, we’re going to try LCCL Strawberry Farm near Rome. Season only lasts until mid-June so grab your strawberry-pickin’ outfit and get going. 

Here’s one I suggest: Milton Dress in red and white gingham, with a strawberry bag and strawberry hat (of course!). 

Happy Picking!

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