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Oh My Stars - New Shorts

Our shorts have always been best-sellers, but I think we have outdone ourselves this year.  First of all, our prints are so fun.  I just decided to go crazy and choose prints I loved instead of worrying about what would sell.  This is where I'm at with Pixie and it seems ya'll are here for it!  So, let's have some fun this summer beginning with these festive star shorts.  

Also, they are still 100% cotton and this year we did them in a lightweight cotton twill so you won't get hot, but they will have some structure which is nice in shorts.  If the fabric is too flimsy, they can look like boxer shorts.  I think this fabric is perfection for shorts.  

They are perfect for summer and perfectly dialed in for long patriotic weekends we get to enjoy.  Grab a pair and have fun styling them about a million+ ways. Here are just a few ideas.

Shop shorts here or below.

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