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Fall 2023 - What's Coming and How I Would Wear It

It's September.  Hard to believe, but here we are talking about fall fashion.  It's still nice and hot, but it is fun to look ahead and see what's coming for fall style.  I'm going to start familiarizing myself with the trends on the horizon and think about how I may wear them based on my age, lifestyle and location.  Sound fun?  I think so!  Let's get started.

Classic Tailoring

So happy to report that classic tailoring is in style.  Those blazers are back in play and you can get as creative as you like.  One piece that I will be adding this fall is a tailored vest to wear on it's own.  It will be a great way to style for fall and still stay cool.  At the end of this post are a few fun options.

Red All Over

Red is big this fall.  This is super convenient if your Game Day looks include red and then you can wear the pieces right on into the holidays.  On-trend and budget-friendly, too.  Let the shopping justification begin.  I'm thinking about how I would do red for everyday fall looks.  I think a casual dress would be my first choice.  Let's see what I can find. I found dresses, a super fun jumpsuit and tailored pieces to tacklet two trends in one look.  See a few fun choices at the end of this post.

No Pants

Ok, so another trend that keeps showing up is No Pants.  I'm not really sure if this is one I'll be able to pull off anywhere away from my pool, but I'll work on it.  

Sheer Pieces

This one I love.  I haven't quite figured out how to fit this trend into my lifestyle, but I'm not giving up.  I'll share a few pieces I'd love to figure out.  

 Up Next

 I'm done for today, but we still have leather, hoodies, dark romance, duvet coats, denim, prep, 80s business chic, metallic, knits on knits and blazers to tackle.  And, we still have to figure out how we'll address the "no pants" trend.  Check back as we head into fall.  We'll figure it all out together.

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