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Runway to Real Life: Fall 2023 Trends You Can Wear Now - 80s Business Chic

The temps are still high, but you're excited about fall trends.  What to do... what to do...

I thought it would be fun to take a few fall trends and summer-ize them so we can wear them now.  I'm starting with "80's Business Chic".  

Yes, those are shoulder pads in this blazer.  I am very comfortable in an 80s-90s business vibe.  I lived this trend last time around.  Tossing on a structured blazer with a lightweight dress or skirt and sandals is an easy way to start this fall trend now.  I would take this trend into fall with - alone or combined - tights, a knit dress, knee high boots, pleated skirt, structured bag or scarf.  

This is an easy one to pull off in any season so go ahead and get started.

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