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Fall 2023 - Runway to Real Life - No Pants, Not Kidding (and, how to do this)

Yes, you heard that correctly.  On this list of Fall 2023 trends is "no pants". How are we going to take this trend from the runway to the real world.  My age, lifestyle and location don't really fit with this trend, but I have figured out two ways to enjoy this trend.  

For starters, a shirtdress is a perfect way to do "no pants".  You can wear one that is a length you are comfortable with and, technically, you are just wearing a shirt.  


Secondly, you can achieve this look with an illusion of no pants.  I suggest a long blazer over a shorter skirt or, my current favorite look, with shorts. An oversized blazer is also on-trend.  You can pair it with shorts and flats and get the "no-pants" look, too.  This Staud Blazer is so perfect to achieve this look.  This would be an investment piece, as they say.

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