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Endless Summer - 12 Ideas to Extend Your Summer

10 Ways to Extend Summer
Endless Summer
Summer is still here.  No matter what Instagram tells you, it is not time to buy sweaters and decorate for fall.  I'll give you Game Day since that is just weeks away, but the first few games are still in summer mode so all the following applies.  If you are anything like me, you can look forward to fall, but make the very most of the remaining summer days we are still experiencing.  Here are 12 ideas I have to share.  Please add to the list.  Happy Endless Summer, Friends.
  1. Hit an outdoor concert.
  2. Grab fresh flowers from a farmer’s market.
  3. Make a summer salad with fresh veggies from a roadside veggie stand.
  4. Do an outdoor movie night in your backyard.
  5. Go for a late family walk, enjoying the longer days still here.
  6. Download the MerlinID bird identifying app and go on a hike to birdwatch.  It's more fun than you'd guess!
  7. Make a pitcher of Limeade and make a customization bar: blackberries + mint, tart cherry juice + cherries + sugared rim, jalapeños + salted rim, pineapple juice + lime, ginger beer + ginger… get creative
  8. Pack a picnic and some yard games and head to a park on a lake for an afternoon.
  9. Take a day trip to a place 2 hours from you. See something new and stop at a couple of interesting things along the way.
  10. Cool off with afternoon smoothies filled with fresh, local fruits and veggies.
  11. Cool off in a local museum.
  12. Make a French fry bar. Every fry from curly to waffle and sauces from siracha to bbq.  

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