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Eating Our Way Around the World - Germany

I guess I'm a theme person.  I make theme dinners, theme decor, theme dress.  Cheesy maybe... ,but I just can't help myself.  So, owning this part of my personality, I impose it on my kids, too.  LOL  

Summer is a great time for some of my themes and this summer we are "eating our way around the world".  It's a fun summer activity that you can do close to home and, let's be honest, a great excuse to eat out at some fabulous restaurants.  I'm indulging in the name of education.  I think its quite brilliant actually.

We kicked off the summer plan with a trip to Germany.  We learned a few things about Germany, enjoyed some time in a German themed town and ate a brat.  Such a fun day spent in Helen, GA.  We have our next country planned already.  Join us on Instagram where we post each adventure on "Savor Saturday". 

During the month of June, I'm doing an Instagram Challenge where, you guessed it, there's a theme. Each day is a different theme, throughout the month.  For example, Monday is "Made it Monday" and so on.  Join us on Instagram to join the fun:  P I X I E Co (@shoppixieco) • Instagram photos and videos

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