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14 Days of Valentines - #6 - For the Love of Cooking

Got a loved one who loves to cook?  A cooking-themed present is always welcome for those who love the kitchen.  I recommend a fun cookbook, of which there are always new ones.  A popular influencer, Beth Chappo, recently released a popular cookbook full of family friendly recipes, for one example.  We also have a $10 cookbook at the Pixie She Shed by a local mom and realtor, Trisha Estes.  This one is full of her family's favorite recipes and the few I've already tried are delicious and fun.  They are designed to make alone or to include the kids in the cooking.  

And, of course, not to sacrifice style while in the kitchen, Pixie also has the cutest aprons which we call our Beach House Aprons.  See all the choices here.

This is a gift that keeps on giving all year long as you work your way through the tasty recipes.

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