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Dress it Up, Dress it Down

I really don't love an overstuffed closet.  Over the years, I've really enjoyed owning less clothes that are higher quality and very versatile.  Versatile to me means they can cross seasons, purposes and occasions.  When I design, I picture where and how I'll where the pieces and, in every case, I'm picturing that piece worn so many ways. 

The Milton Dress is no exception.  I picture this dressed up for church, brunch or a shower.  I see if dressed down for a Game Day, a travel day or a running errands day.

I pictured it crossing seasons with a layer or even boots added.  I definitely pictured it with all my favorite accessories and my favorite head wraps for a casual, chic Summer look.  

The ways and places I'll wear this dress are endless.  And, we even offer it in 3 colors!  This is my go-to dress and I hope you'll love it, too.  Shop The Milton Dress here.

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