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City to Sea... to Desert

I must say that when I design these pieces, I'm thinking about the sea, often dreaming them up during a sunrise with coffee overlooking the actual sea.  What has been so fun about how you bring them to life is to see all the other places you wear them.  From hot springs in Jackson Hole to a chic pool party at a Las Vegas resort to your boat on lake days to a breathtaking desert oasis. 

Pixie pieces love an adventure and, when you dedicate valuable suitcase space for our dresses and cover-ups, the honor is all ours.  When I see these pieces in these beautiful locations surrounded by your family or friends, they never look more beautiful.

I am working hard to earn those suitcase spots.  Thanks for taking Pixie city to sea to lake to desert to resort to cruise - and beyond.  I am looking forward to this travel season and excited to see all the adventures our clothes will take with you.

Thanks to my friend, Danielle, for taking Pixie to Scottsdale.  She is one of my favorite models.  Her energy, kindness, enthusiasm and spunk are always a treat.  And, she makes my dresses look amazing!

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