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C2S Guide: Summerhill ATL

Pixie's City to Sea Guide to Summerhill ATL

So, this morning I figured out a way to describe the Atlanta neighborhood Summerhill.

It felt like we were living out a scene on a movie set. The street was so perfect and kind of set off by itself and just movie-set perfect. They should seriously film a movie here. Someone probably has.

Anyway, we headed into this neighborhood for Hot Dog Pete's and a little exploring. The meal and atmosphere were both thumbs up.

Then, we grabbed a few donuts next door at Hero Doughnuts and Buns  for dessert later that night.

I promised Reese a milkshake so we got in line at Big Softie's  which must be really good because about 30 people were in a line wrapped around the building to get in. We had to bail on the long line, but plan to be back.

This little street is a stone’s throw from the Ga State stadium, formerly Atlanta Braves. I’ve been to that stadium so many times for games + concerts, but this was an entirely new feel.

And, lots of construction going on - new apartments, retails, restaurants. You won’t recognize it soon!

On a city-to-sea note, wrapped my cobalt blue alligator print Festival Scarf through my bag to use as a strap. I matched Hot Dog Pete’s!

Fun little visit, for sure. Great way to spend a warm, sunny Sunday.

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