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14 Days of Valentines - #4 - Pixie Pick: Blair's Belts

Do you know about Blair's Belts?  The shop is located in Athens, GA and reaches way beyond Hull Street - and beyond belts.  This is a gift that is great for the guys and the girls - or how about getting matching belts or watch bands. The ideas keep coming...  

I've had my eye on their belts for Pat for a long time.  I think it would be so fun to shop in store for him for Valentine's Day and we might just do that.  You don't have to be a Bulldog to appreciate Blair's Belts.  As a matter of fact, the designer and founder is an Alabama fashion grad who just happens to have a shop in Dawg country.  

Blair's Belts is a Pixie Pick for so many reasons.  My favorites are the golf day belts for the guys. They work beyond the golf course to the business day and right on into a date night.  You can do a favorite color or a game day color. They are made in Georgia, too.  Another pick of mine are the watch bands.  One of these stunners has been on my own wish list for a while now.  Matching Apple watch bands for you and your honey would be so fun. Another great gift for your guy would be their card covers.  Belts to bands range in price from $200 - $400 and are made with alligator and crocodile for a long lasting, unique, meaningful gift that they'll have for years.  I love that they are made in the South, too.

Defininely a Pixie Pick brand and perfect for Valentine's Day.

New Development! Trying to Get them to pop-up at She Shed. Stay tuned…

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