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Beach House Hack to Save Precious Time, Not to Mention Money

Sharing a beach hack of ours. Please share a travel tip in the comments. Anything to make getting to the beach easier is welcomed! 

I shared a week ago about our Beach Rental Bin and promised to list everything that’s in it. It has been built over the years as needs arise and I think it’s pretty complete at this point. I never put it away after a trip until anything used up has been replenished. So, it’s always grab & go when we rent a beach house. It saves that precious time on a trip when we used to go to the store for beach house essentials like toilet paper, etc.


 Not to mention the expense of getting everything you need that first day. This thing has made beach trips easy breezy.

Here’s a list of what it contains. I may have missed a thing or two, but it’s pretty complete:

Ziplocs ✔️
Lighter ✔️
Solo Cups ✔️
TP ✔️
Band-aids ✔️
Dishwasher soap ✔️
Laundry soap ✔️ To-go coffee cups ✔️
Spray and wash ✔️
Clorox wipes ✔️
Spices for seafood ✔️
First Aid Kit ✔️
Chip clips ✔️
Aluminum Foil ✔️
Coastal Candles ✔️
Birthday Candles ✔️ Games (Uno, cards) ✔️
Our Yeti coffee mugs ✔️
Paper plates in several sizes ✔️
Toilet paper ✔️
Garbage bags ✔️

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