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And, Turns Out, I’m Getting the Best Gift of All

This year has been __________ (fill in the blank).  It's hard to believe the holidays have arrived and, I must admit, I wasn't completely feeling it yet.  The holiday spirit, that is.  There seems to be so much out of our control.  I read an article about "15 Things You Can Do..." to make a difference - I don't remember the exact title, but it inspired me and reminded me that if we all do a few things IN our control, we CAN make a BIG difference.'

One thing I've committed to is shopping local, small and/or USA made this holiday season.  It must check one or more of those boxes to make the list.  

I started my shopping last weekend and have shopped at three local shops and ordered one gift from a USA Made company.  Here's the funny thing.  While these gifts are so fabulous, I'm actually getting the biggest gift of all.  I'm looking into the eyes of a shop owner while I spend my money, I'm talking with others in my community while we shop, I'm supporting my town and neighbors, I'm hearing Christmas music and enjoying their decor. I am in the spirit and enjoying investing in my own community.  I'm getting the biggest gift in this whole deal.  

Here's a few ideas of how to invest in your community with Christmas:

1. Give gift cards from locally owned restaurants.

2. Buy prepared foods (sauces, rubs, etc) from locals.

3. Give flower arrangements or plants from local growers.

4. Buy from local gift shops.

5. Find out about local Holiday Markets (even if only virtual) and shop from a local maker.

There are so many ways to invest locally and I can tell you from experience, it is so much better on so many levels than hitting "add to cart" for something on Amazon.

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