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Amazon Puffer Vests

My Athleta Puffer Vest is no longer available, but I cannot begin to tell you how nice a longer length puffer vest is for cold weather walks and workouts in the South.  It is perfect for our winters, keeps you warm, but leaves your arms free to move during workouts.  I've had it for years and it is a winter workout MVP, warm daily.  I started seeing some on Amazon and thought we could come up with another good one since this Athleta one is no longer available.

This one has great reviews and even comes in the same color as my Athleta one.

Grlasen Women's long Quilted Vest hooded sleeveless Button Down puff vest cotton padded jacket winter coat

How about this one?  Very long could be great on those windy days when your fleece lined leggings need a little help.

Shanfetl Women's Long Quilted Vest Hooded Maxi Length Sleeveless Puffer Vest Padded Coat Winter Outerwear

Another highly rated one is this one.

I love the hood and length.  Also, it comes in many colors.  Winner!

Enjoy those winter walks.  There is nothing more refreshing but we do need to be dressed for them.  Hope one of these is your perfect puffer.

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