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14 Days of Valentines - #8 - Travel Lover

Do you have a travel lover in your life or do you have a big trip on the horizon?  A travel-themed Valentine's present is a fun way to look forward to more fun ahead.  And, it's easy to pull together lots of fun no matter your budget.  I've included lots of ideas in the picture above, most of which are available on Amazon or Target.  To splurge, a new suitcase, Apple travel tags or portable charger and/or noise cancelling headphones. To keep it fun and budget-friendly (after all you're better off spending more on the actual travel), the latest book, a book light, travel sanitizers and refreshers, passport holder, cute luggage organizers and, my personal must-have, shout wipes and Tide pens (trust me!).

Put whatever you get in a carry-on approved bag, or bag to use at your destination, and you are the perfect gift for your travel lover.

Happy Travels!

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