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5 Style Ideas for the 1st Days of Fall

It's Fall, but... in the South. Still 86 degrees today… so… what to wear, what to wear. 

We can have some real fun with these September days we just have the right attitude. There are a few "fall" things that are harder to wear when it's actually cold and you feel the need to bundle up.  So, with that in mind, let's embrace this short, beautiful season and let it stand alone.  

5 Ideas to inspire you as you dress for September:

  1. A lightweight dress, but in fall colors.
  2. Leather or leather-like shorts with a tank and chunky “fall sandals” or loafers. (Leather is in for Fall ‘23)
  3. On-trend trousers with a flowy top. Trousers are huge right now and you can easily wear them while it’s still warm.
  4. Maxi skirts, another Fall ‘23 trend, are great for transitioning your wardrobe without sweating to death.
  5. If your day is casual, do cutoffs, sneakers and an oversized fall blazer - or get a little trendy and grab a pair of longer shorts to pair with that blazer.
BONUS IDEA: Layer a top over a summer dress.  A button down or a cute top with sleeves to give you summer dress a whole new perspective.  You can always ditch the outer layer if you get hot later in the day.

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