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14 Days of Valentines - #2 - Music Under the Pines

I am having so much fun thinking up Valentine's Day gift ideas this year.  This one could be for anyone who loves music, food, the outdoors and really cool experiences.  Have you ever been to Matilda's Music Under the Pines?  It is quite possibly the best place to enjoy some really good live music.  The atmosphere can't be beat, for starters.  There is a fun front porch stage with lights strung through the tall Georgia pine trees.  You can stop by any time the day of a show and reserve your table and bring your table decor.  Think candles, tablecloths, plates, napkins - have as much fun with this as you like.  

Here is my idea for a Valentine's Gift.  Matilda's offers "gift tickets" for the upcoming season of music.  This means you can buy tickets now and then choose which show you'll attend once the schedule comes out in the Spring.  Now, for the food, include a gift certificate for a beautiful charcuterie board for your evening.  A great local business is Charcuter-Lea.  Ashley has been making boards for events of all sizes in Milton and is very popular. 

You could throw in some party supplies in a gift bag to bring the night of the concert.  A few fun items you could include are bug spray, hand sanitizer, citronella candles, tablecloth and anything else to make your picnic a success.  Also, include a gift card to Pixie for that perfect lightweight summer dress to wear to the show to top it all off.  This is a gift that will be fun to open and then bring on-going joy as you look forward to your night under the stars.  A gift that will take you well beyond just Valentine's Day.  

Stay tuned for more ideas in the coming weeks.  

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