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14 Days of Valentines - #10 - Permanent Jewelry

This is something I just learned existed last summer when I was on 30A and now I'm obsessed.  I got my first piece with Spark Collection on 30a.  Reese and I got matching anklets, and we've been loving them for months now.  Spark has opened an Atlanta location now, too.  Molly from Spark Collection Atlanta was at the She Shed yesterday and I got three new pieces - two rings and a bracelet with a cross charm. I love it so much.  For Valentine's Day, this would be such a fun gift that is enjoyed, literally, everyday.  To track down your own permanent jewelry experience, you can visit a local pop-up.  There are two people here locally that I recommend at two different price points.  First, Spark Collection Atlanta's pop-up locations can be found here. Spark offers solid 14k gold chains, charms + diamonds ranging from $60 for a ring to $300+ for diamond charms and necklaces.  Stunning choices.  

Another great, and very popular, local option is Linx of Light.  Megan's are 14k gold filled and sterling silver.  To see where she'll be welding, click here.

This is such a unique, on-trend gift that is guaranteed to be loved.  

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